Whats the deal with fluoride?

Whats the hype all around fluoride and fluoride-free tooth paste? I thought it was good for your gums and teeth, and why do i need to use natural toothpaste?

These are all the questions one might have when confronted by someone who speaks on this topic. The truth is their are many misconceptions around this topic but i am here to give you the nasty teeth chilling TRUTH!

People will tell you that fluoride is necessary to prevent tooth decay, but thats the half truth! Studies from thr CDC show that 25% of people under the age of 50 suffer from what is called dental fluorosis, which is when your teeth get exposed from high levels of fluoride which actually leads to tooth decay.

People will also tell you that fluoride occurs naturally in water which is another half truth because the fluoride found in spring water is calcium fluoride but the other fluoride that you find in public water supply is sodium fluoride which is a nerotoxin filled with lead, arsenic, mercury, and other heavy metals that calcify your pineal gland which is also known as your third eye.

The Pineal Gland is responsible for managing your bodies circadian rhythm meaning it’s responsible for managing your sleep patterns, your mood, your digestion, and cognitive health.

Now that thats said, here are some of Tijen the Vegans top favorite holistic toothpastes:

Boka toothpaste, all the flavors.


Boka probably has the most technology put into their formulas, and my personal new favorite. Even Nasa was involved by helping them create their active ingredient, Nano- Hydroxyapatite.

Their philosophy on their website states

“The nano-hydroxyapatite is a revolutionary material with a wide use in dentistry. With regard to restorative and preventive fields, nano-hydroxyapatite has remarkable remineralizing effects on initial lesions of enamel, certainly higher than traditional fluorides used until now for this purpose. Nano-hydroxyapatite is, in fact, a better source of free Ca, and this is a key element as regards the remineralization, the protect. We all now understand that sleep, diet and exercise are essential to wellness. Yet the mouth is the number one source of disease in the body and a huge source of chronic inflammation in many people. Those inflammation and bacteria cells not only wreak havoc on your immune system, but have also been linked to systemic diseases, like Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer, and Alzheimer’s.”

Living Libations Frankincense Toothpaste:


This is the most unique being its packaging is in a jar. I use a little spatula to take the product out and apply on my toothbrush. This toothpaste is a luxury experience being your using the holy frankincense and Myrrh.

Their website states:

“Sacred Frankincense and Myrrh meld with alkaline sodium bicarbonate to sweeten and support your oral ecology by neutralizing acidic saliva and banishing bad breath bacteria. They combine with the truth-telling essences of gentle, Sweet Thyme, zippy Peppermint, and plaque-preventing Tea Tree for a shiny, white smile.”

Toms of Maine Anti plaque and Whitening Spearmint Gel


This one by far i feel makes a big difference in making my teeth white. The spearmint gel is defiantly my all time favorite and i feel like it gets the job done. You are also able to find this brand more conveniently compare to the other two listed which is carried online.

Their description states:

“This fluoride free gel toothpaste whitens your teeth by removing surface stains and uses authentic naturally derived ingredients. Our zinc citrate is sourced from zinc, a naturally occurring mineral and xylitol, a natural ingredient derived from birch trees or corn. We’ve also added natural flavoring for a taste that will make you look forward to brushing. We produce this toothpaste without fluoride because we respect our customers’ diverse needs and interests.”

Look out for my holistic oral hygiene regimen coming next!

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