Introducing Amanda Diaz of Mama’s Potion: The face behind the cult favorite, ‘Pussy Oil’

I knew when I ran into Amanda’s page; I wanted to interview her. Her products and aesthetic is carefully crafted beautifully, with every detail thought out. A mom, sex herbalist, artist, and storyteller, Amanda has ‘crawled through the trenches’ to get to where she is today. Mama’s Potion creates a place where everyone can feel safe whether they’ve been shamed for their sexual expression or abused. Amanda is committed to teaching women about sexual liberation through the use of plant magic.

You can shop all of Mama’s Potion at her shop:

What inspired you to create Mama’s Potion?

 I just knew there was an urgency to help women like me and it was important that I created a space that was safe for all womxn. Mama’s Potion is more than an apothecary we are a community. A REAL ONE. 

You have a cult following of the Pussy Oil. Why do you think that is?

 Wow! I never thought of my Pussy Oil in that way but I think the message resonates with a lot of women. The Pussy Oil gives reinsurance to many women that it’s okay to touch yourself or explore your sexuality without convictions. We are very sexual beings and to give an offering that is saying “It’s okay to express yourself sexually” is life changing. 

click to shop ‘Pussy Oil’

What’s the process like when creating your potions? 

Before I make any herbal offering I always pray and then set the intention into each offering. Nothing is created without thought or purpose but mostly importantly LOVE.

 What are some of your favorite herbs to work with?

I have a few favorites but the most common herb I use is Yarrow because it is so versatile. When you pay attention to the climate or what part of the world an herb grows in you’ll learn a lot. Yarrow grows almost everywhere through out the globe. So this tells me she is adaptable and can support me with almost anything. This is why I love Yarrow so much because it has an intelligence to support you and assist other herbs in combination with Yarrow. I also deeply respect the presents of Yarrow and the feminine energy of this herb. Yarrow is a warrior but is also such loving spirit.

How do you balance homeschooling and running a whole business by yourself? Do you do all the marketing and content creation by yourself?

Yes I do all of my content, marketing, and labels Mama’s Potion is 100% all ME. 

I get this question a lot and to be completely transparent some days are not balanced. It’s complete chaos but I wake up everyday knowing that it’s a new day and a new start to fix and balance out what I didn’t yesterday. 

 I think having a schedule is KEY with children and meal prepping is a MUST especially during this pandemic. This way I can have certain hours to focus on homeschooling and certain hours for my business. It’s not easy I didn’t have it all together at the first try. It’s defiantly a lifestyle you have to ease into.  

What can we expect next from Mama’s Potion, and where can we purchase?  

Expect the unexpected! I am not your conventional herbalist. I am a story teller, visual artist and love to express myself through movement and art. I have a couple of projects I am working on you’ll just have to wait and see for that lol 😉 But you’ll always be on your toes with me that’s for sure. You can purchase my offerings on my website at

Thanks for reading!

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