Mayorga Organics Café Cubano Roast Cold Brew Pods Review

As the weather gets warmer, my drinks get colder! What better beverage to sip this time of year than a nice cold brew? Especially my favorite, Café Cubano. Mayorga Organics best selling coffee which is their original Café Cubano, now comes in the cold brew pack. I personally have always enjoyed a bolder and stronger flavor to my coffee and this does not disappoint. The certified organic coffee is a bold but yet sweet roast which is very smooth. These pods are fantastic to take with you to-go because each one is packaged individually!

Why I trust and love this brand of coffee is because it’s organic, they have sustainable operations, and partner with farmers in Latin America rather than trade with them.

Each box includes: 12 filter packs.

In this blend: Peru Amazonas, Honduras Capucas, and Nicaragua Rio Coco

Brewing Instructions from their website:

1. Open Café Cubano Cold Brew pack
2. Place single pod in 12oz glass
3. Pour 8-9oz of filtered water
4. Cover, refrigerate & let steep for 8-12 hours
5. Remove pod —Do not squeeze
6. Add ice 

Watch down below to see how to make Café Cubano cold brew!

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