Twrl Milk Tea Review

If you are a big fan of milk tea and boba, but only treat your self once in a while because it’s not the healthiest, you’re now in luck! Twrl Milk Tea, which was founded by Pauline Ang, created her brand after being introduced to milk tea in college. Her obsession was real as she began working for another milk tea company but soon realized the products were filled with artificial flavorings and unnecessary fillers.

Twrl Milk Tea features three flavors. Original Black, Supreme Jasmine, and Hojicha Roasted Green Tea. The beverages are sourced with pea milk opting out of nut milk so those with allergies can enjoy as well! My take on it? I think it’s a brilliant idea creating milk tea on the-go that gives you caffeine without excess sugar. Hojicha Roasted Green Tea and Original Black tea contain 45 calories, where is the Supreme Jasmine contains 50 calories. One can of these is equivalent to one cup of tea giving you energy through out your day.

-Organic Fair-trade brewed tea

-Way less sugar

-Nut-free plant-based milk

-No additional flavorings

-No GMO’s

-Gluten free low-carb

Taste Test

Hojicha Roasted Green Tea is your go-to if you are a green tea lover like me! You can right away taste the roasted leaves of the tea mixed with the creaminess of the pea milk. The difference between Hojicha and Matcha is Hojicha has naturally a sweeter taste. Any bitterness found in the green tea is removed when the tea leaves are roasted at a high temperature. I had high energy throughout the rest of my work day. Contains 45 calories, and 40mg of caffeine.

Original Black was by far my favorite. Twrl Milk Tea’s black tea has this dark and malty flavor to it, almost like the taste of coffee. Unlike other teas in general that can be bitter, this had a nutty and bolder taste. Super delicious and creamy! Contains 45 calories, and 58mg of caffeine.

Supreme Jasmine has a floral sweet taste to it, almost like you have the Jasmine flower right in front of you. I enjoyed drinking this delicate beverage as it was light and refreshing on the hot day I drank this. Supreme Jasmine contains 50 calories and 50mg of caffeine.

Biodiverse Farming

Twrl Milk Tea is sourced from Chinese and Japanese organic family farms. The farmers only produce in season which doesn’t drain the soil of its nutrients. The tea is not only ethically sourced, but they are fair – trade which means all the farmers get fairly paid for their work.

Check out Twrl Milk Tea on their website here where you can currently purchase a 12 pack mix of flavors or the same flavor tea for $39.

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