Yíshì Foods-The best oatmeal i’ve ever had

Starting on the left is Matcha Latte, Taro Bubble Tea, and Sweet Osmanthus

Self described as Asian-inspired oatmeal for your morning ritual, Yíshì (pronounced eeshi meaning ritual in Chinese) offers flavors in Taro Bubble Tea, Red Bean Berry, Matcha Latte, Toasted Black Sesame, and Sweet Osmanthus.

The Founder and creator of Yíshì Foods, formerly known as Crave Natural Foods, was inspired by her upbringing when creating the flavors. As a child growing up in China, Lin’s memories include her mother making her black sesame cereal. Black sesame along with other super foods, are considered medicinal! Unfortunately, Chinese convenient stores and supermarkets offer these cereals but are filled with fillers and sugars which do the opposite of what it is supposed to do. Lin set out on a journey to recreate her childhood. As Lin explains, ‘Food is medicine’

PS- Oats have to be eaten organic because conventional oats are sprayed with the herbicide, glyphosate. Yíshì Foods are all USDA organic, vegan, and gluten free! Their formulas are packed with superfoods making it a great start to your morning. Tijen the Vegan highly approves and cannot pick a favorite flavor because each of them are so different, but very delicious.


Matcha Latte Oatmeal for Vitality

*Hit forward arrow to review macros

If your a fan of Matcha and green tea, you would really enjoy this flavor. Packed with matcha, coconut milk, hemp seed, flaxseed, and almonds. 5 grams of complete protein and only 200 calories!

Taro Bubble Tea Oatmeal for Focus

Taro Bubble Tea is more on the sweeter side really accentuating the true flavors or taro bubble tea. Packed with black tea, taro, chia, blueberry, coconut milk, and flaxseed. Five grams of complete protein and 200 calories!

Sweet Osmanthus Oatmeal for Calm

Sweet Osmanthus has a floral sweet taste thats super creamy. The ingredients include Osmanthus which is a delicate flower, turmeric, hemp seed, and almond. With 7 grams of complete protein and 190 calories!


Yíshì Foods offers a variety of different packs such as samplers, pouches, and cups. Price ranges from $2.99-$28.00 depending on if you buy the packs they offer.

Where to shop?

Whole Foods and their website https://yishifoods.com/

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