Meet Ina and Seb of GalaxyGoodiess – Your New Sustainable Fashion Store

Ina and Seb are the faces behind GalaxyGoodiess! They are two Latino college students from New Jersey, who are cultivating a better tomorrow. This is their small up cycling business♻️. What does that mean? It means they decided to do their part and fight fast fashion by thrifting clothes and giving them new life again! They tie-dye them, or reverse tie-dye them! They use many brands including Nike, Adidas, Polo, Champion, and more!

Ina and Seb

What makes GalaxyGoodiess a sustainable company?

We have our own line of clothing, GalaxyGoodiessGear. Each item is made to order, therefore no waste or leftovers that go to landfills. Since each item is made specifically for each order, it makes it a little hard for us because we can’t have items in stock but the reward is less clothing in the landfill and that works for us – we don’t want to be the same as other brands – we want to be eco-friendly in any way possible even if it can be challenging to find eco-friendly alternatives. But we didn’t stop there, we added our own Healing Crystal Collection as well as other fun accessories! All of our crystals are grade A, because we only want the best. We believe in a world where you have complete freedom to be you, without judgment, to experiment, to express yourself, to be adventurous, and grab life as the extraordinary experience it is. So we make sure everyone has an equal chance to discover all the amazing things they’re capable of – no matter who they are, or where they’re from. We exist to give you the confidence to be whoever you want to be. 

B + W Collection

How did you come up with your brand’s name?

We came up with our name because of our love for space, aliens, and the universe so we decided to do something Galactic! Our logo was the first piece of the puzzle and once we put it together we came up with the name GalaxyGoodiess. We messed around with a few names but thought GalaxyGoodiess just had a nice flair to it. We knew we would expand our company because we were so filled with ideas that we didn’t want to limit our name to one product – that’s where the Goodiess came in.

We never had any experience running a business but with research, support and determination anything is possible. We came up with this idea on December 23, 2020, and we got all of our legal forms, and a bank account the same day! 
We started heavily thrifting about two years ago – you will always find something interesting when thrifting so we fell in love!

It all started when we accidentally left a bleach bottle open in Seb’s car and while cleaning it up, his hoodie got bleach stains. This was Seb’s favorite sweater so Ina was determined to fix it. Once we reverse tie-dyed Seb’s black hoodie we knew this was the beginning of something amazing. We took a bunch of our own clothes with any stains and got busy – we first did reverse tie-dye and then regular tie-dye and they came out so cool… So we thought we should take thrifted clothing (since only 10-15% of clothing in thrift stores gets sold and 90-85% goes into landfills) and make them wearable again! We got busy and got all kinds of t-shirts, with stains and all, and transformed them.

Their 8 chakra crystal bundle

How do you find inspiration?

We get inspired by everything around us such as nature, humans, and art! For our tie-dye/upcycled collection, we select colors that match the design of the shirt and we choose different tie-dye patterns. Ina and Seb are hands-on with creating the vision together and they add the finishing touches to make each design complete. We have a huge diagram of ideas for new designs and things we want to add to GG.

What can we currently expect from GalaxyGoodiess and in the future?

When purchasing from GalaxyGoodiess you can expect a package sent with a lot of love, some free stickers, and a personal message. Each order makes us do a happy dance, and without our friends, family, and supporters we wouldn’t be able to do it. 
GalaxyGoodiess is growing faster than we imagined, the future is bright – expect to see more GalaxyGoodiessExclusives, more upcycled pieces, along with some self-care packages coming soon. 

You can check out their website at

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