Meet Ina and Seb of GalaxyGoodiess – Your New Sustainable Fashion Store

Ina and Seb are the faces behind GalaxyGoodiess! They are two Latino college students from New Jersey, who are cultivating a better tomorrow. This is their small up cycling business♻️. What does that mean? It means they decided to do their part and fight fast fashion by thrifting clothes and giving them new life again! [...]

Meet the founders behind the vegan and sustainable soap company, One Prana.

Manny and Raquel of One Prana. Meet mother and son duo, Manny and Raquel behind the earth conscious soap company, One Prana. Palm-oil free, vegan and biodegradable, free of synthetic fragrances and dyes, and plastic free. This is a company you want to get behind when shopping for bar soap. My personal experience? I always [...]

Q&A with Co-Founder of Desserto, Adrian Lopez Velarde

Velarde pictured on the left and Marte on the left. Meet Adrian Lopez Velarde and Marte Cázarez. The two founders of Adriano Di Marti, that came up with the trade name, 'Desserto' . Desserto which is a cactus alternative to leather, just won Peta's Compassionate Business Award. Its competitive features in comparison to animal leather [...]

Introducing Amanda Diaz of Mama’s Potion: The face behind the cult favorite, ‘Pussy Oil’

I knew when I ran into Amanda's page; I wanted to interview her. Her products and aesthetic is carefully crafted beautifully, with every detail thought out. A mom, sex herbalist, artist, and storyteller, Amanda has 'crawled through the trenches' to get to where she is today. Mama's Potion creates a place where everyone can feel [...]

Q + A with Co-Founder of The Latte Co., Fortified Plant-Based Beverages for Children

Delphine Marinaro, Co-Founder of The Latte Co., created the brand after wanting a healthier dairy-free milk option for her daughters and other children. Meet the world's first fortified organic plant-based beverage based in Canada, and soon to hit U.S. stores this summer. Delphine, along with her husband and two other couples, set out to [...]