Why Chippin Is Your New Favorite Dog Food!

Meet my best friend Buddy, or as I call him, Buddy boy. He's a 12 year old Shih tzu that still acts like a puppy that was unfortunately diagnosed with colitis two years ago. I look at the issues Buddy was having at the time which were bloody stools, constipation, skin rashes, and I never [...]

Hearty Salad Recipe

Try my nutritious filling salad recipe that will make you go back for 2nd's and 3rds. You will notice there are no measurements, i just eye everything and make sure its balanced! Recipe: Organic lacinato kale thinly sliced Persian cucumbers organic fresh parsley organic cherry tomatoes organic sweet corn cooked on the stove organic broccoli [...]

My Do’s and Dont’s to maintain a healthy gut

Foods to buy organic in general . almonds/almond milkGarlicAll berriescherriesoats/oat milkSpinachnectarineswhite potatoeswine from CaliforniaKalegrapestomatoesBroccoliapples/apple juicepeachespineapple Fruits you can eat all berriesall melonsapplesapricotavocadobananascoconut cherriesdatesfigsgrapefruitgrapesguavakiwilemonlimelychee mangonectarinesolives orangespapaya passionfruitpeachespears persimmonpineappleplumspomegranitesrhubarbstrawberrytangerine Vegetables you can eat all squashesartichokesarugulaasparagusbeetsbok choybroccolibrussel sproutscabbagecarrotscassavacauliflowercelery Chinese cabbagechicorychivescollard greenscucumbersdandelionendivesfennelgarlicgreen onionsjicamakaleleekslettucemushroomsmustard greensokraonions parsleyparsnipspumpkinraddicchioradishromaineshallotsseaweedscallionsspinachsweet potatosweet chardtaroturnipswatercressyamsyucazucchini Foods you don’t need to buy organic asparagusavocadocabbagecantaloupecarrotscauliflowergrapefruitkiwionionmushroompapayasweet potato Oils you can [...]