Twrl Milk Tea Review If you are a big fan of milk tea and boba, but only treat your self once in a while because it's not the healthiest, you're now in luck! Twrl Milk Tea, which was founded by Pauline Ang, created her brand after being introduced to milk tea in college. Her obsession was real as [...]

Hearty Salad Recipe

Try my nutritious filling salad recipe that will make you go back for 2nd's and 3rds. You will notice there are no measurements, i just eye everything and make sure its balanced! Recipe: Organic lacinato kale thinly sliced Persian cucumbers organic fresh parsley organic cherry tomatoes organic sweet corn cooked on the stove organic broccoli [...]

My Do’s and Dont’s to maintain a healthy gut

Foods to buy organic in general . almonds/almond milkGarlicAll berriescherriesoats/oat milkSpinachnectarineswhite potatoeswine from CaliforniaKalegrapestomatoesBroccoliapples/apple juicepeachespineapple Fruits you can eat all berriesall melonsapplesapricotavocadobananascoconut cherriesdatesfigsgrapefruitgrapesguavakiwilemonlimelychee mangonectarinesolives orangespapaya passionfruitpeachespears persimmonpineappleplumspomegranitesrhubarbstrawberrytangerine Vegetables you can eat all squashesartichokesarugulaasparagusbeetsbok choybroccolibrussel sproutscabbagecarrotscassavacauliflowercelery Chinese cabbagechicorychivescollard greenscucumbersdandelionendivesfennelgarlicgreen onionsjicamakaleleekslettucemushroomsmustard greensokraonions parsleyparsnipspumpkinraddicchioradishromaineshallotsseaweedscallionsspinachsweet potatosweet chardtaroturnipswatercressyamsyucazucchini Foods you don’t need to buy organic asparagusavocadocabbagecantaloupecarrotscauliflowergrapefruitkiwionionmushroompapayasweet potato Oils you can [...]