How To Prepare for Ayahuasca


They suggest wearing light or white color clothing. Know that you are coming into a sacred meditation space. Comfortable clothing is usually what most people prefer, natural fabrics are recommended. Have extra layers, it can get cold sometimes


They ask people to bring foods to share after the meditation.  We shared a beautiful breakfast the next morning and your contribution is very much appreciated.  Some things to bring: Organic eggs, vegetable for omelets, fruits, nuts, nut butters, breads, hummus, crackers, etc. Please bring organic and healthy foods. They had a very large kitchen to cook and gather in my space.


Full disclosure of medications and health conditions is an absolute must before joining the Circle.

The rule of thumb is that you should be off any and all medications for 15 days prior to your first meditation.  You must be off of antidepressants for at least 45 days.  If you have any specific questions regarding meds please email us asap.

they MUST be informed if you are or have been taking any of the following:

   •   Antidepressants or other medications that contain MAO inhibitors and serotonin uptake inhibitors (not to be taken for 45 days days prior to gathering) – this is critical and can be very dangerous if mixed.

   •    Tranquilizers (not to be taken for 15 days prior to gathering)

   •    Antibiotics (not to be taken for 7 days prior to gathering)

   •    Antihistamines (not to be taken for 5 days prior to gathering)

   •    Painkillers including Advil and aspirin (not to be taken for 5 days prior to gathering)

   •    Flu medications (not to be taken for 5 days prior to gathering) 

Street Drugs (no street drugs for 14 days before or after) and any other medications that are not listed let them know about asap. 

they MUST be informed if any of the following apply to you:

   •    If you have any severe heart problems

   •    If you have high or low blood pressure

   •   If you are or have been taking anti-depressants within the last year and/or if you have ever been diagnosed or hospitalized for psychiatric problems

 •    If you have any liver issues

  •    If you have or have had epilepsy or seizures

  •    If you have or have had ulcers, IBS or other stomach aliments

  •    If you are or think you are pregnant

Things to avoid minimum 3 days before & after the meditation circle:

Deep Fried food


Marijuana and other plants 

Intoxicants and stimulants in general

Excess Citrus


Coffee and Caffeine or Stimulants

Dairy products

Excess sugar and salt


Fermented foods

Sex including masturbation

NO PORK for 2 Weeks before and after

Please avoid strong smelling perfumes and cologne in the meditation

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